Past Projects

NEUROMETRICS: New Biomarkers to Characterize Neurodegenerative Diseases (2017-2018)


The human body is constantly communicating information about our health. This information can be captured and processed to model the cognitive and neuromotorhealth of the users. Traditionally, such measurements are taken manually by Physicians during isolated visits. Biometric signal processing involves the analysis of these measurements to provide useful information upon which clinicians can make decisions. This project has explored new ways to process these signals using a variety of sensors and new artificial intelligence algorithms. It is time to redefine some of the traditional biomarkers to exploit such a new technology capabilities.

Handwriting dynamics: The handwriting is a behavioural biometric trait which comprises neuromotor characteristics of the user (e.g. our brain and muscles among other factors define the way we write) as well as socio-cultural influence (e.g. the Western and Asian styles). The dynamics of handwriting include rich patterns related with velocity, acceleration or angular information, among others.

Mouse dynamics: Mouse dynamics are derived from the user-mouse interaction. The mouse trajectories include information related with neuromotor capabilities of the user that can be derived from velocity profiles and precision. There is a large room for research focus on the development of specific task to reveal the user state.

Touch dynamics: The great popularity of smartphones/tablets and the increase in their use in everyday applications has led to develop new applications based on touch interactions with the screens. Keystroking, handwriting or mouse have been replaced by simple touch actions in our device interaction.

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