My research involves the study of fundamentals of machine learning and its applications to different areas including biometric recognition, trustworthy and transparent AI, human machine interaction, and others.


Biometric recognition refers to technologies aimed to verify the identity of subjects by means of physiological, behavioral, and biological characteristics. My experience in this field includes the study and development of the approaches based on the most popular biometric characteristics: fingerprint, face, iris, signature, keystroke.

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Trustworhty AI

Algorithms have an increasingly important role in decision-making in several processes involving humans. These decisions have therefore growing effects in our lives, and there is an increasing need for developing machine learning methods that guarantee fairness in such decision-making

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HC Interaction

Human-Computer interaction generates a heterogeneous flow of data from multiple channels. This interaction is rich in patterns. Modelling the user behavior using these heterogeneous data streams is an ongoing challenge with applications in a variety of fields such as security, e-health, gaming, or education.

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